RØROS, Norway 17. - 20. september. 2022

The Art of EMDR is a clinical workshop for EMDR therapist who have completed the basic training.

  • Roger Solomon, PhD, Senior Trainer, EMDR Institute.
  • Facilitator Bjørn Aasen, EMDR Europe Accredited Senior Trainer.
  • Røros is an old picturesque mining town and a World Heritage site. Read more.
  • You can get there from Oslo or Trondheim by air, train or bus.

This advanced retreat-style workshop will teach the Art of EMDR therapy, with a special focus on complex trauma and attachment. The "Art" of EMDR is expressed in numerous ways: the dance of atunement during sets of dual attention stimuli; knowing when to interweave vs. "staying out of the way";  reading the signs of reprocessing; utilization of the therapeutic relationship for containment,working with phobia of affect/traumatic material; and knowing what to do when the processing isn't moving along as expected. This workshop will teach Preparation Phase strategies to prepare for the complexities of treating trauma, and then will help participants expand and integrate their knowledge and skills in applying the "art" of EMDR therapy in the Standard Protocol through live demonstrations and advanced practica. The workshop is limited to 20 clinicians who have completed an approved EMDR Therapy Basic Training.
Advanced Learning Topics Include:
A framework to understand the application of EMDR therapy to complex trauma within a phase-oriented approach
Case Conceptualization & Target Selection
Preparation strategies for EMDR with complex cases (e.g., organizing the personality systems; developing coconsciousness; dealing with phobia/avoidance of affect)
Negative and Positive Cognition Selection
Recognizing Signs of Processing
Fine-tuning the Application of Dual Attention Stimulation to Maximize Processing
Clinical Containment Issues
Knowing when to interweave vs. "stay out of the way"
Consolidating Treatment Gains


Tuesday 17. September
16.30-20.00 Overview of the workshop.
20.00 Two course dinner.

Wednesday 18. September
09.00-13.00 Demo. EMDR complex cases. Practikum
13.00-17.00 Lunch and time off.
17.00-19.00 Practikum, discussion.
20.00 Tour and dinner in Aasen gård, "The cradle ofRøros.


Thursday 19. September
09.00-13.00 Complex trauma and dissociation. Video. Practikum.
13.00-17.00 Lunch and time off.
17.00-19.00 Practikum, discussion.
20.00 Festive dinner.

Friday 20. September
09.00-13.00 Practikum og final session
13.00-14.00 Lunch

The program is flexible and there may be minor changes due too transportation schedules.
We will be working mornings and late afternoons, which allows for sightseeing in the town, shopping, cafés etc. Wednesday evening we will visit the old Aasen farm from around 1620, where I live, for o tour and dinner.

Price and signing up. Workshop (excluding hotel): NOK 9.000, -. Sign up before 1. July.

Send an e-mail to Bjørn Aasen, with place of work, phone no. and billing details.


Room and board is booked and payed directly to the hotel: Full board single room : NOK 4.950,- for three days. (NOK 3.900,- pr person in double room).

Book directly: Rørosvidda hotell, tlf: + 4772 41 10 89,
or e-mail: Referanse: Bjørn Aasen

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